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How to Get More Website Traffic Today

Website traffic is one of the most important measures of whether your business is successful online or not. When your site is able to attract customers and keep visitors browsing your pages, you know that your design and marketing strategy have been successful. With tools to track web traffic and conversions, you can see important […]


Changes to Google’s Ads

Google has unveiled their newest change to their interface after testing out the changes for weeks. The billion dollar company announced on February 20 that they will no longer feature paid-for advertisements on the right side of the page. The search engine results page or SERPs will still appear the same except that the advertisements […]

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Google’s Update on Doorway Pages

Google is implementing new algorithm updates in an attempt to reduce the listing of “doorway pages” in organic search results. Doorway pages are also known as gateway pages, bridge pages, jump pages, portal pages and entry pages. Doorway pages redirect users, without the visitor knowing what is happening, via some form of cloaking. Many people […]