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Before personal computers made typewriters antiques, published content was black and white. However, modern technology today has transformed it into interactive media with videos, quizzes, surveys, GIFs, podcasts, webinars, and high-tech infographics. There are several ways that writing amazing content can help small business owners, web administers, and SEO internet marketing firms. Writing viral content

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Track Your SEO Campaigns with Authority Labs & Advanced Web Ranking

All businesses on the internet certainly need to keep track of their Search Engine Ranking. The hard decision for them is which rank tracking option will best meet their needs. Unfortunately, there are far too many options to choose. Which have loads of integrations, which have none. Which are trustworthy, which are not. Of the

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Google’s Update on Doorway Pages

Google is implementing new algorithm updates in an attempt to reduce the listing of “doorway pages” in organic search results. Doorway pages are also known as gateway pages, bridge pages, jump pages, portal pages and entry pages. Doorway pages redirect users, without the visitor knowing what is happening, via some form of cloaking. Many people

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