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What are the Benefits of Google AdWords?

Anyone who owns a business may be curious about Google AdWords. In order to understand this program and the benefits it brings, it is helpful to break down its parts to see how it increases traffic and conversions.

What is Google AdWords?
In short, it is the ability to immediately reach a potential customer when they search for services and products. Google created its AdWords program to provide clickable ads for business owners and advertisers. It is based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model where each advertiser makes a bid on keywords to show up in paid results. When someone conducts a search using those specific keywords, Google will show that person the ads. Advertisers pay only for clicks.

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Google AdWords Benefits
The Google AdWords program is very beneficial to advertisers and is one of many tools and techniques used in digital marketing to stay ahead of the competition. The advantages include the following:

• Exposure. Paid ads are placed within the top five results of a search on Google.

• Reach. Potential customers who search for your business, services and products are immediately shown relevant advertising.

• Geotargeting. This ensures advertising is being targeted to the correct location.

• Reporting. Adwords provides reporting that helps advertisers see which keywords are effective and how often they are being clicked.

• Budgeting. Money is not an object as AdWords will work for any size or type of budget.

Does Google AdWords Provide Results?
Before going ahead with a Google AdWords Marketing Company, it is crucial for a business owner to have clear goals regarding a program for paid search. If the main goal is to increase website conversions, AdWords will likely work very well. Those who do not have the time or the experience to set up and manage AdWords should hire a PPC firm or a digital marketing agency to oversee the campaign. This will ensure the business is getting the most return for the money it is spending.

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The effectiveness of Google AdWords is dependent on the industry, needs and goals of a particular company. Some of the factors involved include the following:

• The popularity of the bidding keywords

• The conversion rate of the bidding keywords

• The advertising quality and the strength of the calls to action

• The size of the budget and the effectiveness of the bidding strategies being used

• The quality of the landing pages and the business website itself

How to Get Started with Google AdWords

For those who have never worked with paid advertising or a digital marketing campaign, Google AdWords can seem complicated and daunting. It is important to understand all the aspects of the program before committing any time or money to it. Those who want to explore their options with Google AdWords should contact a digital marketing agency or specialist to guide them through the process.

Business owners have many choices for advertising campaigns. Google AdWords is one tool that offers many benefits.

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