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Whats new in Google Apps For Business?

In their quest to make Google Apps for Business a useful and indispensable tool for business owners, Google has launched new and exciting updates for three of their apps. These updates will help make business owners’ work easier and more efficient, and they are all definitely worth checking out. Whether you use Google Apps for Business currently or you are considering using it in the future, here are three new updates from Phoenix SEO company you want to know about.

Gmail Images

In the past, when Gmail for Business users received emails containing pictures, they had to click to allow the images to be displayed. Since images were sent from external host servers, this extra step of verification helped protect Gmail for Business users from harmful images sent from unknown sources.

Gmail for BusinessNow, however, all images will be served through Google’s own proxy servers so the extra verification is not needed. This update will save Gmail users time, present them with a more aesthetically pleasing Gmail experience and help protect them from known viruses and malware.

Gmail users who prefer to continue to verify pictures will still be able to do so, however. If they have already selected the “Ask before displaying external content” option, they will see no change. Otherwise, they can change their settings under the General tab in Settings.

Google Sheets

When your company soars, you want products that will soar right along with it. The newly updated Google Sheets does just that. It is faster, bigger and has many new features, but best of all: it works offline.

Google SheetsGoogle Sheets now has filter views, which allow Google Sheets users to quickly name, save and share different views of their data so they can collaborate without affecting others’ view of the data. It also has brightly colored function help and examples that help users set up functions, perform calculations, and find and fix errors.

Additional Google Sheets features include colored sheet tabs, paste transpose and custom number formatting. Plus, text now flows automatically into empty adjacent cells, and conditional formatting allows users to change their cells’ color and styles based on custom formulas.

The most exciting update, however, is the fact that Google Sheets can now be used offline, just like Google Docs and Slides. Users are no longer limited to work locations with Internet connection; they can work wherever they go. Then, when they log back online, their edited sheets will automatically sync.

Google also announced that they will be adding additional missing features soon. Business owners who notice their favorite features missing from the newly updated Google Sheets should stayed tuned for another update in the coming months.

Current Google Sheets users can update their current version of Google Sheets by simply checking the “Try the new Google Sheets” box in their Google Drive settings.

Auto Reply from Google Groups

For Google group owners who have a large number of active members or incoming messages from external sources, it has been time-consuming and difficult, if not impossible, to send out customized emails to all individuals. Google has changed this by adding a new auto reply from Google groups feature.

With the new auto reply feature, group owners can segment their groups into up to four different subgroups. These subgroups include: company group members, company non-members, non-company group members and non-company non-members.

Once the groups have been set up, group owners can send out emails targeted to specific groups. For example, a group owner might want to send a company memo only to group members within his company. Alternately, he might want to send out a newsletter to members outside of his company. A group owner might want to collaborate with other people in her company that are not in her group, or she may want to respond to email inquiries she receives from non-members who are not part of her company. With Google groups, she can easily send personalized emails to specific groups.

Group image

Group owners can set up group auto-replies by changing their email options located under their group settings.

If you find time to try out the new SEO Phoenix AZ and changes that have been made to Google Apps for Business, you are sure to be impressed. These exciting changes are sure to make your work easier and more efficient so you can achieve a higher level of success no matter which type of business you work for.

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