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Why WordPress?

Designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has become one of the most used and powerful web content management systems on the web. Adaptable, expandable, and dependable, it’s the primary choice of today’s most known and valued brands. On top of all that WordPress also puts the control of the content and the site in our customers’ hands.

“Our new website is sharp, creative, and interactive”

“Internet Marketing Teas was able to take our limited content and ideas, then make a masterpiece.”

CEO Russ Dailey, Intant Data Centers

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Take Control of Your Content

A WordPress site begins with generating a MySQL database – think of it as the sturdy backbone of your site. Then the software links the website’s framework and content to the database. This gives you the ability to access a secure login and maintains your website right from your browser.

The WordPress admin tools are like your command center, where you can make things totally your own. Tweak your site, write cool blog posts, whip up fresh pages, jazz up content, add snazzy pics, slide in videos, sort out user stuff – you name it. It’s like your one-stop-shop for getting your site exactly how you want it.

But that’s not all – WordPress is like that friend who always brings cool stuff to the party. It offers plugins, which are like special add-ons for your site. You want a cool calendar, social media magic, swanky image galleries, or any other neat tricks? Plugins have your back, turning your site into a super-functional wonderland.

And the best part? WordPress keeps things simple. No crazy tech hurdles. It’s like a breeze to manage your site’s content and make sure everything runs super smoothly. Your visitors? They’ll be treated to a top-notch online experience, no sweat. So, let the WordPress adventure begin!

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