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Before personal computers made typewriters antiques, published content was black and white. However, modern technology today has transformed it into interactive media with videos, quizzes, surveys, GIFs, podcasts, webinars, and high-tech infographics. There are several ways that writing amazing content can help small business owners, web administers, and SEO internet marketing firms.

Writing viral content is one of the best ways to get natural backlinks to your site and build a reputation for yourself. Here are 10 techniques you can use to create amazing optimized SEO content:

1. Graphics

digital marketing contentDid you know that posts with graphics are shared twice as much as those without? Using a wide variety of different graphics that changes can increase the ranking of your site and make your content more engaging. Instead of being limited to infographics, use a range of graphics like GIFS and pie charts. If your image ends up ranking highly for a search, you can drive organic traffic to your site and get a number of backlinks from external sites that use your image.


2. Guides

If you have a well-written guide that readers find useful, you have yourself a gold mine. You can use a guide to :

  • Earn natural backlinks
  • Entice readers into giving up email addresses and subscribing to your newsletters
  • Work as a lead magnet
  • Drive traffic from many sources

3. Provokes a Response

The technique of provoking a response deals with approaching current world topics and phenomena in a way that is new, unusual, and unseen. Perhaps, you’re approaching a certain topic from a new angle or maybe, you’re refuting a commonly held belief. It doesn’t really matter. As long as your way of thinking is fresh and unique, people are going to see it and want to share it with their family and friends and write comments in response to your post.

4. Skyscraper Technique

link building for content marketingThe skyscraper technique deals with link-building. The main purpose of this technique is to create content that is better than the current most-highly rated content for a particular search. This is done by tackling a specific angle related to the content such as graphics and ensuring that yours is better than the top post.

Once that is done, all you have to do is reach out to a variety of different content creators on popular platforms and get them to embed the link to your article in theirs. The skyscraper technique simply drives traffic to your site.

5. 10X Content

10X Content is slightly similar to the Skyscraper technique. You can create content that is better than the highest-ranking search, but the similarities end there. 10X content means that your content is 10X better than the current top result. This is done by adding keywords, hyperlinks, improving readability, and website design, etc. This creates a great number of naturally occurring backlinks and results in SEO optimization as people love reading this kind of content. A professional SEO hosting company can do this part for you.

6. Checklists

Using checklists in your posts is vital because it breaks down your content to make it more palatable for a reader. When it comes to an image, your checklist can be shared easily, making it go viral while earning natural backlinks. If your checklist answers a search query particularly well, it can even be featured as a Google Snippet, which also drives organic traffic to your site.

7. Solves Problems

The Google AI is always on the lookout for genuinely helpful posts, so if your posts solve a pressing problem for readers, it will automatically make its way to the top. Although using certain keywords in posts is recommended for SEO optimization, the AI can penalize you if your post is saturated with keywords without providing a well-researched and useful post.

8. Listicles

lists and listicles for websiteListicles can very easily go viral. They are easy to skim through and read, making them perfect for the busy reader. With clear and concisely written headers, listicles deliver material in a format that is easy to read, making them a popular format for both bloggers and readers alike.

9. Infographics

Infographics will always be one of the best ways to earn backlinks. Creating a beautiful infographic that can hold a reader’s attention while conveying all the necessary information at the same time is not easy. However, if you manage to create one, it will be widely featured by a number of sites.

10. Compiles Statistics

Statistics are a staple of every serious blogger’s article because they can easily go viral. If you want to attract attention to your article, all you have to do is share relevant and unusual statistics from your article via social media and wait for the results. This is a fuss-free way to earn automatic backlinks.

The Benefits of SEO for Amazing Website Content

Using SEO optimized content is essential to writing amazing website content. No matter how well-written or useful the content is? If you don’t use the techniques mentioned above, it will be difficult at best to get the ranking and visibility you want for your website. If you want to see your content at the top of the search engine results, you should consider the professional SEO services of Internet Marketing Team because they know exactly how it’s done.

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