The 5 Best SEO Strategies

Businesses need a broad range of SEO strategies in order to gain the search engine rankings they want. But many people feel like finding a good SEO strategy is too complex to accomplish themselves. On top of that, owners may also feel that hiring an SEO expert will result in losses instead of profits. This, […]

Full VoIP Support For iOS Users

Along with a few bug fixes RingCentral recently announced a great new VoIP feature for iOS users. After updating the app your iPad or iPhone will be able to accept VoIP calls using only your device’s 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. For iPhone users this will mean that you wont need to use your carrier […]

Google Apps and Postini

Google Apps and Postini. Postini was a late 90’s startup founded by by Shinya Akamine, Gordon Irlam, Brian Maggi, and Scott Petry that offered business email more security, better backup and archiving, and a many more controls for filtering spam.  Many companies were using Postini to archive and filter Gmail for Business accounts so in […]

Reliable Email

Was your company plagued with email outages this past year? If you answered yes you probably aren’t using Gmail for Business. No email system is perfect but last year Google achieved nearly flawless uptime. In an article posted yesterday they said… “For customers using Google Apps for Business, Education or Government, we offer a 99.9% […]

Google Keep Is Great!

Well sort of… If you are looking for a simple application that creates lists and can post images this is the app you are looking for. Google Keep is very responsive and it is easy to check off completed items. The next step for Google would be to integrate Google Keep into the other applications […]

Mailbox ios app

The new ios application Mailbox redesigns the inbox to make email light, fast, and mobile-friendly. Quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash. Scan an entire conversation at once with chat-like organization. Snooze emails until later with the tap of a button.  This will be a great add-on for many of our users,  if you use […]

Major update to Google Forms

Google is constantly updating their products, today they updated Forms. Google Forms integrates into Docs and Drive. Watch this short video for a few basics on how this data collection feature works. Today we’re launching a more robust, powerful version of Google Forms. Just as you can in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, now you can […]

Google Adds CardDAV to Google Contacts

Jeff Ellingson, Googles product manager for Gmail posted this a few days ago: For many years, we’ve supported two open protocols for accessing Gmail and Calendar from mobile apps and devices: IMAP for email and CalDAV for calendar. These protocols, combined with the options to access Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts with your desktop or mobile browser and via native […]